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How conversational AI can transform IT support

My name is Michael and I am a senior at New York University (NYU). During my studies, I worked numerous part-time jobs to cover the ever-increasing costs of living and studying in New York. This included working as a video editor, interning at startups, participating in artificial intelligence research, and many other positions in between. I was able to use my passion for software and technology to develop my interests in different areas. Of these areas, job number
, working in the IT help desk, was one of my favorites.

I spent my sophomore and junior years working in NYU’s IT help desk and call center. My role was to improve the digital experience of NYU students and faculty by solving technical issues they faced. IT support can be both challenging and rewarding. Help desk technicians can use their technological expertise to find creative solutions when new problems arise. However, I noticed two key issues in the IT support process: repeatability and availability.

problems in the IT help desk
My favorite aspect of the IT contact center was the creative problem solving to find new technical solutions. However, through my troubleshooting experience, I have found that users tend to share very common problems with each other. For this reason, their problems were not always “new.” This resulted in my troubleshooting process being very consistent and repetitive at times. This recurrence occurred when users had difficulty viewing or accessing certain websites.These customer interactions followed a sequence of “if-then” messages that tested possible solutions until a conclusion was reached.


A key competency in IT support is the ability to solve problems creatively. However, these types of activities often appeared to be more algorithmic or methodical. They lacked the natural human ability to find a new solution and instead performed a reliable series of step-by-step instructions until a solution was found. This type of customer service was a process that could certainly be automated.

A lack of automation meant that digital customer service was limited to certain hours. Since students also had to take into account the time spent in class, it was difficult to ensure the constant availability of IT support. The same is true in the corporate world, where many companies only offer customer service from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.M. As a result, my supportdepartment experienced frequent delays in supporting teachers and students, and morning shift staff had to handle a large number of calls from the previous evening. Helpdesk agents are only human and providing 24/7 support seemed unrealistic. This was the case until the emergence of AI chatbots for companies in the IT environment.

5:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and IT staff are no longer tied to repetitive or mundane tasks. Customers receive the same reliable service they expect from traditional IT support, allowing IT professionals to focus on the most creative and valuable aspects of their work.

Watsonx Assistant seamlessly connects to customer data platforms and allows you to understand customer expectations through data. Integrating these digital channels makes it easier to deliver personalized customer experiences while ensuring consistent customer satisfaction.


Use Watsonx Assistant to drive growth and innovation
Watsonx Assistant is a powerful, scalable tool that revolutionizes digital customer service while increasing employee productivity. For example, green energy giant ENN Group Co. uses Watsonx Assistant across its team of 50,000 employees to streamline the process of requesting IT services.Byusing Watsonx Assistant, ENN significantly increases its business efficiency by significantly improving the customer experience. Using AI-powered chatbots shortens response times and speeds up the support process for customers and employees through simple messages. By automating 2,000 to 3,000 tasks per day, ENN increased employee productivity by 60%. This process is accelerated by real-time messaging and customer self-service capabilities.

Li Qiang, Director of IT Platforms at ENN Group Co.Ltd says, “Our AI automation platform provides employees with personalized AI capabilities, helping them complete daily tasks, freeing them from repetitive daily tasks and unleashing their creativity and imagination. » This automation allows employees to focus on higher-value activities that drive growth and innovation.

Watsonx Assistant is useful in various industries, both small, medium and large companies. Integration with multiple companies has proven to bevery effective in transforming the customer experience and streamlining IT support processes. Implementing the Watsonx Assistant program can revolutionize the IT industry while offering application potential for many other business areas.


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